"Rent Control’s Self-Defeating Effects"

"The Prescription Escalator"

How is that lots of people state that their prescription drug costs are rising at the same time that "total out-of-pocket costs for the population as a whole are flat or even decreasing"? Alex Tabarrok offers a nice, short explanation.

But he doesn't explain what is very surprising to me: the average number of prescriptions for 35-44 year olds is ten? For 45-54 year olds is 20?? (To be fair, there's a link to a document haven't read yet.)

UPDATE: O.K., I think I've got it now. The source document seems to indicate that a refill counts as a prescription. So one prescription refilled monthly would equal 12 "prescriptions" per year. It's not how I would use the term, but I'm not an expert.