"Ted Koppel: Despite verdict, Oberlin College President still 'makes allusions to a pattern of racist behavior' by Gibson’s Bakery"
"Fiscal Fallout Contest"

Three stories from *one* day's --last Wednesday's--New York Post

"NYC ignores 99% of lead hazards: study".

The city collected just $10,000 in fines against landlords for violating its strict lead laws since 2004 — a less-than-1%-sliver of the nearly $2 million in penalties handed out, according to a damning report Tuesday.

"Officials admit NYC’s 911 texting system will be years late and over budget".

New York’s new 911 text messaging system will finally arrive next summer, two years late and millions over budget, city officials admitted Tuesday.

"MTA doesn’t know why subways cost so much more to build in NYC".

The MTA’s construction chief said Tuesday that the transit authority is just beginning to examine why it costs more money to build a subway in New York than other major cities.