"DeVos Fires Warning Shot at University Mideast Centers"
The Oxford comma is an abomination: yes or no?

"Does a Religious Upbringing Promote Generosity or Not?"

"An erroneous paper on religion and generosity is finally retracted."

Jeff Jacoby comments.

Why recount the saga of this particular study? Not to excoriate the villains of the story, but to point out that there are no villains. Everyone concerned behaved admirably. . . . 

To all appearances, this happened without rancor or backbiting, without accusations of bigotry or bad faith, without demands that anyone be fired or silenced. Nobody dug in his heels and refused to budge from a previous position. There was no tribalism, no "cancel culture," no Twitter mockery.

This is how science, and indeed all scholarship, is supposed to work.