"Can American Higher Education Be Restored?"
"U2 song scientifically proven to be most effective in the world for helping young children get off to sleep"

"Ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann ignored advice and tried to take company public in less than 3 months . . ."

". . .as his wife and co-founder set about creating an IPO document for the SEC 'like it was the September issue of Vogue'".

One would hope that the explosion of this bit of dopiness would sober up banks and investors for a while. But even after Theranos the lesson seemed to wear off quickly. (Article linked is drawn from "The Sun Sets on We".)

And if you want the words of an Old Testament prophet raining rhetorical hellfire on We, read, once again, NYU professor Scott Galloway. This is nice:

Essentially what happened is that the employees of We who didn’t get a chance to sell, SoftBank, and some other institutional investors have lost $47 billion. Had this consensual hallucination gone on for 60 more days, retail investors would have experienced that loss. So this is a good thing! This is the markets working.