"Unfortunately, liberal fantasies have real-world consequences."
"An open letter to the Democratic party"

"When the Culture War Comes for the Kids"

George Packer advances a proposition I find quite appealing: the lunatic rage of the extreme Left stems in part from their surprise--even shock--and deep disappointment that their Lightworker, President Obama, did not completely solve all of the country's problems. (The fault is not mostly Obama's; the blame should be on the outrageous fantasies of Liberals about what Big Government can do.)

Around 2014, a new mood germinated in America—at first in a few places, among limited numbers of people, but growing with amazing rapidity and force, as new things tend to do today. It rose up toward the end of the Obama years, in part out of disillusionment with the early promise of his presidency—out of expectations raised and frustrated, especially among people under 30, which is how most revolutionary surges begin. This new mood was progressive but not hopeful. A few short years after the teachers at the private preschool had crafted Obama pendants with their 4-year-olds, hope was gone.

The article, while long, is worth reading for a number of reasons. Just ignore the gratuitous insults of meritocracy. (I'd paraphrase Sir Winston: Meritocracy is the worst of all social and economic systems except for all the others.)

UPDATE: link to article added now.