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September 2019

"Giants can’t let this Saquon Barkley absurdity happen again"

Sports fans outside of the Big Apple should take some comfort that their situation, however bad, probably isn't the worst:

Our basketball teams always run the wrong plays. Our hockey teams constantly play the wrong goalie. Our owners always hire the wrong GMs, and our GMs always acquire the wrong players, and our players always make the wrong decisions.

Or so it seems, anyway, in the throes of intense, passionate, but ultimately helpless fandom.

"Personalized Medicine: The Trend That's Sweeping Health Care"

This is one modern trend I really like.

Personalized medicine is another new wave sweeping health care with the dual objectives of achieving more meaningful patient-to-doctor relations and lowering costs. The lynchpin of this concept is leveraging all clinical, genetic and environmental information of the patient to understand and treat diseases in a more holistic manner.