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It's not a big deal, but Andrew Yang's "contest" is overstated

How many stories are out there about how Andrew Yang's $1000/month Freedom Dividend is going to have ten winners? Here's one: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/12/us/politics/andrew-yang-debate-payments.html?searchResultPosition=3.
But here's the "prize description" in the contest rules on Mr. Yang's campaign site: 
"PRIZE DESCRIPTION: One (1) winner will receive one thousand dollars ($1000) per month for twelve (12) months.

"The total approximate retail value of the Prize is $12,000, and the provision of the Prize by Sponsor will comply with federal election law."


(I note in passing that the contest rules state that 10 "potential winners" will be identified. Call me cynical, but the specifcation of how the ten winners will be narrowed down to one single winner leaves plenty of wiggle room to allow a suitably impoverished and grateful person to be the winner. It wouldn't do to have a millionaire win, now would it?)

Would a Republican candidate get away with this? No need to reply; I know the answer.