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"Are Facebook, Twitter, Google evil or just everywhere? What we have to do about big tech"

"Welcome to California"

Building houses in California is not for the faint-hearted.

Though the developer tirelessly met environmentalist demands and generated “green” credibility, the project has endured more than a quarter-century of roadblocks and red tape, courtesy of California’s mammoth bureaucracy—including “lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit,” says Wendy Devine, who oversees a website focused on Newhall Ranch news. . . . The developer produced more than 109,000 pages of documents, navigated the review of 25 government agencies, appeared at 21 public hearings, and attended over 700 meetings. Finally, the project broke ground last year.

(This piece also illustrates an underreported phenomenon: how innocent laws lying around can be completely repurposed by interest groups.)