"Scientists say this ridiculously simple strategy can help you learn anything"
"Theory claims to explain the origin of the phrase 'Jesus H. Christ' and where the mysterious 'H' came from"

"The Growing Science Behind a Fasting Treatment for Alzheimer’s"

Needless to say it will be very nice if this pans out.

Mattson has spent decades researching calorie intake and Alzheimer’s disease. In several studies of mice genetically altered to display symptoms of Alzheimer’s he’s found that those fed intermittent fasting diets — where you cycle through short periods of eating and longer periods of fasting — fared better than those who ate whenever they wanted. They had better cognitive function, lived longer and, most importantly, had less plaque build up in their brains.

The Alzheimer's researchers could use some luck because after a whole lot of time and effort, they haven't made much progress: "Alzheimer’s researchers shift focus after failures".