"Leaked documents show that McDonald's is adding international hits to its American menu, including the Spanish Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry"
"Echo In The Canyon"

"Greatest Sports Moments"

"Houdini's in the house," Rooney's bicycle kick, Beast mode, Laettner against Kentucky, Malcolm Butler, "The band is out on the field!" and many, many others. (29-minute video.)

Posted in January, the video doesn't captures some recent wonders such as Wednesday's Lucas Moura's deep-in-stoppage time strike to bring Tottenham all the back from 3-0 down and win them a place in the Champion's League final.

Or whatever the hell that was on Tuesday with Liverpool.

Which means that this year, for the first time, all four European championship finalists are from the UK's Premier League. Speculations on why that's happened.