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April 2019

"In Defense of New York City’s Elite Public High Schools"

By Jeffrey Flier, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, and Higginson Professor of Medicine and Neurobiology.

That constituency should not have to fight this political battle alone. Those of us who believe in the merit principle, and who have seen firsthand how these schools can improve the lives of the students who attend them, should raise their voice in defence of the current system.

That would include me.

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Since socialism is considered groovy among some of the young people--see, for example, "Seeing Red: Millennials Are Cooler With Socialism Than Capitalism"--I provide here a few links to good information, for anybody who can still be persuaded, on socialism's severe downside. Nothing systematic, just some pieces I've run across recently.

"60 Second Refutation of Socialism, While Sitting at the Beach".

"The Socialist Fantasy".

"Hey, Democrats: Here’s the price I paid for your socialist dream".

"Socialism’s Endless Refrain: This Time, Things Will Be Different".

"Socialism Fails Every Time".

"Socialism and 'The Experts'".

"Socialist eras and errors".

And finally, Mrs. Thatcher at the peak of her form, "Thatcher's Last Stand Against Socialism". (4.5 minute video.)