"Amazon Chose DC And NYC Because That’s Where The Childless Workaholics Live"

Mini climate change link-a-palooza

I suppose I should a apologize for yet another climate change post, but now that the "Green New Deal" is getting some attention, I think it's worth linking to a few items.

This is a seemingly balanced review by a petrophysicist (retired) of a report that has had some folks panicked for the last serveral weeks

UPDATE: Link fixed now.

Comedian Drew Carey's comments about global warming in Cleveland. (Start about 28 seconds in.)

Follow the money: "Democrats’ dark money and the climate industrial complex".

To ask the question is almost to answer it: "Why Won't Liberals Look at the Evidence on Climate?" 

So very true: "Identifying the Problem: Climate change is crowding out concern for, and resources from, all sorts of other problems that have far more immediate effects."

And finally, wouldn't it break the irony meter for all time if it turns out we need some manmade global warming? "Nasa scientist says sunspot slowdown will cause temperatures in the upper atmosphere to plunge".