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October 2018

"The Late Great State of Illinois"

I don't understand this, but, hey, it's . . . Illinois.

In many Illinois municipalities it’s not unusual for owners of a house assessed in the $150,000-$200,000 range to be paying more in property taxes than in principal and interest on their mortgage.

And Madigan--nearly 40 years running the state and "Madigan’s power is enforced quietly and without pity" and "He doesn’t use email and seldom a cell phone, preferring communication face to face"--sounds like a Mafia don.

"Even a Billionaire Can’t Get the Public School Monopoly to Work"

Microsoft workers used to say that billg had five brains and each of them was smarter than yours. So this is probably unsurprising:

Bill Gates himself sees the potential of this approach. He has wisely increased funding for public charter schools and for research in other education innovations. If he is looking for learning reforms that are effective, sustainable, and scalable, this is it. The formula for success is: Trust parents; avoid politics.