"Fed-up locals are setting electric scooters on fire and burying them at sea"
"The Illness Is Bad Enough. The Hospital May Be Even Worse."

"The New Racism, Part I: How ‘Race and Ethnic Studies’ Made Color Blindness a Bad Thing"

I'd say the most amazing thing about our current milieu--among, to be sure, many amazing things--is some members of the Left sacrificing the Left's most substantial achievement. The tremendous force of the civil rights movement, force that became overwhelming and in relatively short order dramatically changed this country, stemmed from a simple idea: it was wrong, unjust, even immoral to judge someone or hold someone responsible for things beyond that person's control. Hence, a person's skin color, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, handicap by birth or accident, and age (after reaching adulthood) should play no role in how that person is treated. 

But now we're told that a male, or a white, or--heaven forbid!--a while male can be assessed and judged just on those characteristics. It's astonishing. As Instapundit writes, "And yet they can't seem to help themselves."

I doubt any of my regular readers needs any correctives, but if you know someone who does, Thomas Sowell is an excellent place to start.