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Not really surprising, but it is kinda surprising seeing it admitted to on the pages of the Gray Lady.

When asked to rank issue priorities, there were some striking differences between these more liberal Democrats and the average voter.

According to the survey, issues that the Democratic elite gave much higher priority to than the electorate at large included gay rights, 61.0 to 34.3; gender equality, 68.7 to 35; and racial equality, 65.7 to 38.8.

Conversely, the issues given much higher priority by all voters than by Democratic elites included terrorism, 58.2 percent to 11.6 percent; crime, 57.4 to 18.2; taxes, 56.9 to 18.9; budget deficit, 50.7 to 5.3; religious liberty, 48.5 to 21.7; and immigration, 46.1 to 16.7.

To put it bluntly, there is a huge gulf between the priorities of the Democratic elite, which exercises significant influence over party policymaking, and the general public.