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August 2018

Crack cocaine vs. opioids

All the discussion about opioids recently made me wonder, what happened to crack cocaine. There was a time when it seemed like three-quarters of the U.S. population was, or supposedly soon would be, on crack. Where did the discussion go? So I looked at Google Trends, and it indicates there is less attention paid now to crack. (Or maybe people are so familiar with it by now they don't have to Google it?)

"Thomas Sowell's Inconvenient Truths"

Nice summary of some of Sowell's work on discrimination. Includes some choice words for the dopey "disparate impact" theory of discrimination and this interesting nugget:

. . . those born first in their families were more likely to be National Merit Scholarship finalists than all their younger siblings combined, even in families with as many as five children. Similarly, 22 of the 29 original astronauts in the Apollo program were their family’s oldest (or only) child.

Oldest/only children rule!! (Your humble blogger is an only child.)