"Brits are stealing millions of dollars in groceries by ringing everything up as carrots"
"The Firesign Theater Media"

"A primer on fentanyl(s)"

Some bad news.

So that’s why the fentanyls are a big factor now when they weren’t before. And I don’t see a snowball’s chance in Hell of stopping the flow. It’s possible that, with adequate urging from the U.S., the Chinese authorities might succeed in cracking down on illicit manufacture and sale. But there’s nothing magical about China. India also has skilled chemists and a huge flow of mail to the U.S.  So, for that matter, does Canada. And so does the U.S.; if international sources dry up, the stuff will, once again, be made here.

On top of that, the “technology” of illicit retail drug distribution has been transformed by the introduction of mobile phones.

Link via Marginal Revolution.