Two on the recent talk to extend antitrust
"Meet the Deadpool of Federal Programs"

"Ivan Werning makes almost 900k at MIT"

In the first class of my MBA course I used to raise a question about economists that I suspected a number of the students had had or would have in the future: If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? One of my answers was that at least some economists were doing quite well financially, thank you. I had some examples. Kenneth Elzinga of UVa testified that his consulting rate was $500/hour; Richard Schmalensee testified in the Microsoft antitrust case that his rate was $800/hour; many years ago it was reported that Michael Porter was turning away consulting work at $10,000/day; and according to the Wall Street Journal, economist David Teece had earned over $50 million in consulting over his career and his firm then (2007) employed 60 economists who had each earned over $500,000 the previous year. 

Were I still teaching, I'd happily add this to the examples.