"Pork Barrel Government"
"The decline and fall of General Electric, the poster child of Obamanomics"

So if you want to understand a bit about the memos . . .

. . . but don't want to spend a whole lot of time and don't want to read a lot of terrible screaming and shrieking, I can offer two suggestions.

For a restrained and seemingly careful analysis of Democrat Rep. Jerrold Nadler's newly released memo--the supposed refutation of the Nunes memo--see former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy's piece.

If you want a summary of what the Numes memo is and what it means, see Roger Kimball. (And in the fourth paragraph, Kimball links to four other summaries.)

Note that I make absolutely no case for the last few paragraphs of Kimball's piece in which he presents "scraps of advice for the President". My advice--not that anybody has asked--would be, assuming that the Republicans really have the goods, and we are some way from knowing that yet, to find a Democrat to step up. In the only situation remotely analogous to the current situation--Watergate--a couple of people with integrity and patriotism from the party under attack helped enormously. Think of Goldwater going to the White House to tell Nixon his time was up. Think of Howard Baker working with Senator Irvin in the famous televised hearings. And think even of Nixon who, just like in 1960, didn't fight until the bitter end. Again, if what unfolded is as bad as it seems to be, we need someone senior from the Democratic Party to stand up and say, "This was very bad. We in this country must not tolerate this."

But who would be that person? I don't see any likely candidates. And we could well be in for a simply awful time.