"Higher Education Is Drowning in BS"
"The Doctor and the Impatients: Navy Rear Admiral Jackson Enters the Media Hellhole"

"A New Paean to Progressivism Overlooks Why Americans Lost Trust in Government"

In this piece George Will has a terrific paragraph I'd like to make Liberals read every day:

Goldfield’s grasp of contemporary America can be gauged by his regret that the income tax, under which the top 10 percent of earners pay more than 70 percent of the tax and the bottom 50 percent pay 3 percent, is not “genuinely progressive.” He idealizes government as an “umpire,” a disinterested arbiter ensuring fair play. Has no liberal stumbled upon public-choice theory, which demystifies politics, puncturing sentimentality about politicians and government officials being more nobly and unselfishly motivated than lesser mortals? Has no liberal noticed that no government is ever neutral in society’s allocation of wealth and opportunity? And that the bigger government becomes, the more it is manipulated by those who are sufficiently confident, articulate, and sophisticated to understand government’s complexities, and wealthy enough to hire skillful agents to navigate those complexities on their behalf? This is why big government is invariably regressive, transferring wealth upward.

See also this 33 minute video: "Public Choice Theory: Why Government Often Fails".