"The constitution can’t protect underfunded public pensions"
"Why Won’t The Nightmare Dream Of Communism Die?"

Two different but complementary views on "trickle down economics"

"The Trumped Up 'Trickle Down' Economics Myth".

The idea of “trickle-down theory” is nonexistent, except as perpetuated by those opposed to across-the-board tax rate cuts that include the wealthy. 

"Sorry Envious Left, 'Trickle-Down' Economics Is Real, And It's Everywhere".

And while anecdote should never be confused with fact, the story of Coca-Cola helps disprove the emotional arguments against trickle down.  With Coke we see how an immigrant rose to near billionaire status in concert with voluminous job creation, staggering amounts of educational and charitable opportunity, and even more giving by the inheritors of great wealth.