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April 2017

"Everyone should read John Kelly's speech about 2 Marines in the path of a truck bomb"

Beautiful tribute.

That is the kind of people who are on watch all over the world tonight—for you.

Related: "A retired US Navy admiral explains how a lesson from the hardest exercise in SEAL training served him over 37 years in the military".

"I learned that if you are in combat, move to where the action is the hottest," he said. "Spend time with the soldiers being miserable, exhausted and scared. ... Whatever position or branch you are in, find the toughest, most dangerous job in your unit and go do it."

"Why Country Music Values are Better than Pop Music Nihilism"

I think I agree that country music is probably better than some genres for tween-agers to listen to, but I don't want to try to get deep insights into life from either.

Country music certainly isn’t perfect: I don’t think I heard a song that used the construction “It doesn’t,” rather consistently reinforcing the incorrect “it don’t” usage. But I’ll take bad grammar in a song about loving your wife over pop culture’s nihilism any day.

"Forty Years Later, ‘Annie Hall’ Is Still a Work of Genius"

I haven't rewatched it, but I really enjoyed it the first time.

If you’ve ever taken a course on screenwriting, Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s 1977 masterpiece, is an example of what not to do. Screenwriting experts tell you: Show, don’t tell. Don’t break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience. Maintain the tone without wild shifts—especially something as outlandish as adding a cartoon. Make the protagonist likable. Keep the timeline and story arc straight, and stay away from religion.

Annie Hall smashed all of these conventions, giving the world not only an Oscar-Winning picture, but a movie that only seems to get richer and bolder with each passing year as new films get more conservative and conventional.