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"Revenge of the Adjunct Professors"

Brian Wesbury at the American Spectator makes an interesting point:

As a rule, the Obama administration is staffed by the crème de la crème of academically trained policy and legal scholars. Harvard is the number one school represented. Columbia is second. Law schools and schools of public administration are the majority. A vast (and we mean vast) portion of the current administration’s work experience has been in politics and government. In other words, they are professional bureaucrats, trained by academics in the process of government.

The Trump administration is virtually the opposite. Military, medical, and business backgrounds are the norm. These individuals went to school all over the country — Alabama, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, and South Carolina to name a few. Some have spent time in politics, and some went to liberal strongholds like Harvard and Yale, but these pedigrees are the exception rather than the rule. For the most part, the Trump administration are the type of people you would see as adjunct professors — the ones who come into a classroom to help bridge the gap between theory and the real world.