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December 2016

"North Carolina Wows with Its Impressive Tax-Cut Successes"

As you read about our current political uproar, I suggest keeping this in mind.

State governments are constantly competing for people and businesses, and North Carolina has proved that cutting taxes is a great way to come out on top. Since 2013, Governor Pat McCrory and the state legislature have cut taxes by an astounding $4.7 billion — and the result has been economic growth, job growth, and even additional tax revenue that could spur yet more tax cuts in the years ahead.

"California's Problems Will Continue to Compound"

We'll see, but until there's some political competition for the state's Liberals, it's the way I'd bet.

To effectively and efficiently address these three issues, Sacramento must honestly address their root causes - not just focus on providing relief for the symptoms. This requires hard work and removing the ideological lenses. But based on rhetoric (both from the election and since), it doesn't appear Sacramento is ready to solve these problems. It's more likely California's one-party rule will try to undo Proposition 13's tax protections, push for various transportation-related tax increases to fund a growing maintenance deficit, double-down on command-and-control environmental regulations (which have only been successful in making California more expensive, not more green), and advance symbolic fights against the Trump Administration.

"Punitive Liberalism: What Reagan vanquished."

This seems relevant to right now.

Why had Americans become so pessimistic about their country during the 1970s? Why had they been overcome by a sense of "malaise," as Jimmy Carter described it? There was, of course, the long ordeal of Vietnam, followed by Watergate, and then a sluggish economy--reasons enough for Americans to feel some sense of doubt and disappointment. But why was Ronald Reagan able to reverse these doubts when Jimmy Carter could not?

The answer to these questions is that while Americans in general were not down on their country, Jimmy Carter, along with the leaders of the Democratic party and its main constituent groups, certainly was. President Carter could not overcome the "malaise" of the 1970s because he and his fellow Democrats had played a large role in fostering it.

"Trump’s Urgent Job: Clean Up the VA"

Amen to this.

The real problem is a lack of discipline at all levels. Consider the alarming increase in central line infections — a key indicator of hospital quality. These lethal infections are totally preventable, if medical staff rigorously follow protocols. Some civilian hospitals have reduced them to zero. The VA has no excuse. . . .

Forget about more commissions or reports. Action is needed now. Thousands of vets’ lives depend on it.