"The State of Shower Faucets Is a Farce"
"The next multibillion-dollar tech market was quietly born this year, says A-list VC Peter Levine"

"California's Problems Will Continue to Compound"

We'll see, but until there's some political competition for the state's Liberals, it's the way I'd bet.

To effectively and efficiently address these three issues, Sacramento must honestly address their root causes - not just focus on providing relief for the symptoms. This requires hard work and removing the ideological lenses. But based on rhetoric (both from the election and since), it doesn't appear Sacramento is ready to solve these problems. It's more likely California's one-party rule will try to undo Proposition 13's tax protections, push for various transportation-related tax increases to fund a growing maintenance deficit, double-down on command-and-control environmental regulations (which have only been successful in making California more expensive, not more green), and advance symbolic fights against the Trump Administration.