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August 2016

"Univ. of Chicago pushes back on trigger warnings, safe spaces"

Bravo. If Chicago is "where fun goes to die" but political correctness does, too, it's a good trade.

Unsurprisingly, some are upset: "It’s not just about 'special snowflakes': What’s missing in U. of Chicago’s 'no trigger warnings, no safe spaces' letter" (rather reasonable for Salon) and "The University of Chicago is attacking academic freedom" (typical dopiness from New Republic).

"Why Liberals Love to Explain Donald Trump to Each Other"

Funny and true.

Liberals love to explain Donald Trump to liberals. . . .

I can sympathize with my colleagues’ profusion of punditry. I thought of writing a “Why People Support Trump” column myself, but it seemed like all the good ideas were taken. And if there’s one thing you can’t do in my business, it’s agree with someone else. . . .

But the chattering class’s rush to “explain” Donald Trump to itself says more about us than about him. In fact, we are every bit as afraid as Trump’s white, working class base—and we, like they, have good reason to be. And while they seek solace in a tough-talking leader who pisses off the intelligentsia, we seek comfort in the intelligentsia—even if they contradict themselves as often as The Donald.