"How Poisonous is DDT?"
"How Laissez-Faire Made Sweden Rich"

"Paula Poundstone on How She Started Telling Pop-Tart Jokes"

Interesting, especially if, like me, you're a fan of her Cops, Cats and Stuff, easily one of the best comedy sets I've every seen. When I saw it my question was this: is the stuff with the audience scripted? If not, is it the best parts of a couple dozen shows edited down? I now know the answer to both questions, amazingly, is no.

And that makes her one of the two quickest comedians I've ever seen, in a class only with Robin Williams. But even in Robin's case I had the impression that he worked from a large library of predetermined accents, lines, and bits that were tightly organized and that he simply called upon as needed. (He even alludes to this in his great performance "Live at the Roxy".)

But surely that can't be the case with Paula's performance. She can't have had a prearranged bit for someone yelling out "insinuated" or for someone's mom "tearing her face open on a lube rack". Can she?