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November 2015

"Solving the Poor"

A review of Robert Putnam's book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, by Amy L. Wax.

I also highly recommend her "Engines of Inequality: Class, Race, and Family Structure," Family Law Quarterly, Fall 2007, the sort of article that gets her branded a "racist" at one of our finer institutions of higher education.

See also "Family Structure Matters — Science Proves It". (And as Glenn Reynolds often cracks, we don't want to argue with science now do we?)

"Where are all the conservative university professors?"

Where "professors" here explicitly means humanities professors and where the focus is not on demand but supply.

This approach to scholarship has little to do with what draws conservatives to the study the humanities and social sciences. For them, innovation and novelty are precisely the problem — and continuity with the past, not a radical break from it, is the solution. That's why they tend to favor core curricula that introduce students to the Great Books of the past.