"Top 10 Hardest Triples in Sports"
"This Week in the Civil War: Lieutenant General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson (1824-1863) C.S.A."

"The 100 Best Movie Lines of All Time, in One Video"

This is an excellent compilation (6 minutes). Many, many outstanding ones shown. But, as usual, there are at a few significant omissions.

Patton: "Rommel . . . you magnificent bastard, I read your book!"

Stand and Deliver: "If you don't have the ganas, I will give it to you because I'm an expert."

The Right Stuff: "Let's light this candle!"

Gandhi: Tie between "General, how does a child shot with a 303 Lee-Enfield 'apply' for help?" and "Mr. Kinnoch, I beg you to accept that there is no people on Earth who would not prefer their own bad government to the good government of an alien power."

Three Days of the Condor: "How do you know they'll print it?"

An Officer and a Gentleman: "My grandmama wants to fly jets!"

The Verdict: "Who were these men? Who were these men?"

And, of course, from Young Doctors in Love: "Old man, don't you think you've pissed enough?"

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