"How Chicago has used financial engineering to paper over its massive budget gap"
"A Sociology Prof Proves that Studying Econ is Morally Bad"

"The Prescience of Daniel Patrick Moynihan"

It's been late coming, but Senator Moynihan is now widely recognized for being, in 1964, absolutely right.

See also "The Last Sane Liberal," "Moynihan’s Mistake and the Left’s Shame," and two earlier posts here, "Terribly sadly, 45 years ago Pat Moynihan was right," and "Fine paragraph".

Professor Amy Wax at Penn argues that the problem Moynihan identified is deep-rooted and there is a sharp limit to what government can do about it. See, for examples, "Engines of Inequality: Class, Race, and Family Structure" and "Diverging Family Structure and 'Rational' Behavior: The Decline in Marriage as a Disorder of Choice".

Michael Barone and Megan McArdle have some hope for improvement.