"A Solution for Cities on the Brink of Bankruptcy"
"There Is No Retirement Crisis"

"6 Reasons We Don't Know How Good We Have It"

Interesting. "Why, then, is our society paralyzed by pessimism? Here are six possible explanations."

I think number five is important:

5. People lack economic understanding. Many of the hyperbolic narratives about the end of life as we know it are based on profound misunderstandings of the market process, which economist Julian Simon sought to correct. It’s easy to be pessimistic when one doesn’t understand economics or that the innovative nature of the human mind is the ultimate resource. The incentives and price system inherent in the market process ensure that innovation will continue to improve our world. But Simon wrote that two things were certain: first, “humanity's condition will improve in just about every material way”; second, “humans will continue to sit around complaining about everything getting worse.''