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"Defining 'Lack of Institutional Control'"

Here's the Door's prediction for what the NCAA will do regarding the recent revelations of awful malfeasance at UNC-CH: they'll find that Chapel Hill guilty not of "lack of institutional control" but of a "failure to monitor". That will probably cost them a few scholarships for a couple of years, but will preserve the 2005 national championship, their accreditation, and everything else they really care about

Not saying that that's right--it isn't--but that's what will probably happen.

(In this I'm in accord with Dennis Dodd's blistering column, "UNC should get death penalty in academic fraud case, but it won't".)

Oh, and note this choice bit from the AP report:

The AFAM department escaped external reviews required every five years because it lacked a graduate program. Nyang'oro was also exempt from peer reviews for tenured faculty because he was a department chairman.

You can't make stuff like this up.