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May 2014

"Class of 2014, Prepare to Be Powerless"


Applying an ideological litmus test for commencement speakers is not a good idea. Though in fairness, I don’t know what a litmus test is. A chemistry professor once tried to tell me, but I hated him too much to listen to what he had to say.

What’s the use in listening to someone you agree with? Not a rhetorical question. I’m actually asking that, so that I can answer it for you. So it’s more of a metorical question. And here we go: In the days ahead, there will be times you’ll be tempted to change your mind. There will be times you should change your mind. And the reason you will have changed your mind isnot because you set your mind to changing your mind. It will be because you encountered a thought from some other mind that changes your mind. Even from someone you think is out of her mind.

News from the Liberal paradise, Baghdad by the Bay

"Funds short for S.F.'s No. 1 and No. 2 issue: filthy streets".

"We probably go to St. George Alley once a week and there are 30 piles of (human) waste," he says. "There's other alleys - Minna and Stevenson (South of Market) - but St. George is the worst."

Whenever there are complaints that San Francisco smells like a Porta Potti, someone is bound to reply that the reason is there is no place for the down-and-out to go. But that's not really true. They have plenty of places.

"Bus stops, alleys, doorways," says Mahoney. "They go anywhere."