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May 2014

"Why Obama Can't Fix the VA"

Simply not to be missed. In the private sector, failing organizations often either 1) fire a lot of people or 2) go our of business altogether. So what does the federal government do?

But the inability to make this kind of radical change does hamper would-be government reformers. So does the way that our government now functions after decade upon decade of prior reform: which is to say, it prioritizes processes, which can be measured, over outcomes, which often can’t be; rules over discretion; and rights over trade-offs.

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"What People Don’t Want To Believe"

From Bob Lefsetz, claims about the music business:

1. Only blockbusters count and make serious dough. Either you’re a superstar or you’re starving. Yes, the Internet allows old folks and some young ‘uns to troll on on a subsistence budget doing house concerts and maybe playing theatres, which have now all been relabeled “clubs,” but the dream of paying your dues and breaking through is just a dream.