"The Pacific’s Salmon Are Back — Thank Human Ingenuity"
"Welcome to the new mayor’s education plan, where he’ll be able to claim victory because failure has been outlawed."

"T-Bonds Are Universally Hated, Not a Single Economist Expects an Economic Downturn"

Pater Tenebrarum, an "an independent analyst and economist/social theorist," writes:

This is an astonishing degree of consensus thinking, but it perfectly mirrors the complacency we see in stock market sentiment and positioning data. The probability that such a unanimous view will turn out to be correct is traditionally extremely low.

Interesting. To make a lot of money in the market, you're supposed to zig when everybody else zags. 

Unfortunately, that can make you broke real quick, too. (If I was brave enough, I'd buy some bonds and short the market heavily now. But I think I'll pass.)