Unwilling to debate their policies, the Left . . . (part 2)
"Made in the U.S.A. (Again)"

Unwilling to debate their policies, the Left . . . (part 1)

. . . resorts to attacking the Kochs. Some of the fine responses I've seen:

"The Washington Post Responds to Me, and I Reply to the Post". (Pro tip: don't make John Hinderaker angry. Brit Hume writes "[The Post writers] get eviscerated again.")

"The Washington Post's Suspect Attack on the Koch Brothers".

"That Deceptive Koch Chart …"

"Kochs Add Life: The 'evil' Koch brothers pour billions into schools, cures, arts, and nature".

As usual, the Democrats have are doing things quite similar to what they allege others are doing:

"Papa Reid". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is the Senate Majority Leader.

"Hedge Funds, K Street, and the Ugly Underbelly of the Democratic Party".

"Gas Attack: How Democratic donors benefit financially from climate policy".