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"When Libertarians Cry"

Two small, but absolutely awful, examples of our federal tax dollars at work

When a business mistreats you, either as a customer or an employee, you can almost always leave. When the federal government mistreats you, it's much more difficult. And so we read stories like these:

"Federal bureaucrats shut down Alabama business". (Link via Mike Munger.)

Staffers at both offices were shocked to learn that a federal agency could, even temporarily, shut down a private company with no more notice than a first class letter.

"Render unto Seizure".

This is a quintessentially Washingtonian form of shakedown. First, they pass a stupid law that has the effect of making millions of routine, law-abiding transactions appear suspicious (in this case, deposits over $10,000). Then, the vast bloated support state of the Republic of Hyper-Regulation adjusts accordingly (in this case, insurers who’ll cover a mugging of $9,975 decline to cover one of $10,037). But by then, just to cover themselves coming and going, Washington has passed another stupid law making it an additional crime to avoid committing the original crime (thus, “structuring” your deposits to avoid the $10,000 threshold).