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Oh, my

Liberal John B. Judis, writing in the Liberal New Republic:

The second, and more far-reaching, effect will be on Americans’ support for government social and economic programs. . . . But if Obamacare doesn’t work as promised, then its failure will have reinforced for a generation the argument against any government initiatives. Reform will be dead – whether it’s to fix immigration, healthcare, or the growing gap between rich and poor.

Here's Liberal Mark Shields:

Judy, this is beyond the Obama administration.  If this goes down, if the Obamac-- if health care, the Affordable Care Act is deemed a failure, this is the end -- I -- I -- I -- I really mean it -- of liberal government.  Time and again, social programs have made the difference in this country! The public confidence for that will be so depleted, so diminished that I really think the change -- the -- the equation of American politics changes.

And Liberal Todd S. Purdum:

So the fiasco of the launch of Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul has put the reputation of Big Government progressivism at risk for at least this generation. 

You watch: in a few months Liberals will claim they have never heard of Obamacare. And if they did, it was all Bush's fault.