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Looking for another reason to worry about your stock portfolio?

"Subsidizing Failure: A forthcoming study focuses on public universities' 'cost of non-completion.'"

I hope this guy's life insurance is paid up:

The state of North Carolina appropriates $5,660 per student per semester, so that, in the fall of 2010, taxpayers were charged $5.5 million extra for students who took extra time to graduate, from just one cohort.

Much of that $5.5 million was waste from taking too long to complete school. Multiplied by several cohorts over many semesters, and at 16 schools, the cost becomes enormous.

Stille’s list of recommendations to improve the current situation is short, simple, and sensible: state universities should not enroll freshmen who have SATs below 910 (or ACTs below 19), who graduated in the bottom half of their high school class, or who require remedial education before they can handle college-level studies.