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Bill Moyers neglects to mention a couple of things

Bill Moyers (with Michael Winship) is back with another of his decades-old attacks on the influence of money on Congress. Corporations, banks, the NRA, and the Kochs--well, fingering them is relatively new--are mentioned. But note two things:

1. People spend so much money trying to influence Congress only because Congress is so powerful. Corruption would fall dramatically if Congress did less. (As somebody--I can't find the cite--said, "Nobody spends a lot of money lobbying the local dogcatcher.") While it's a fool's errand to try to convince Liberals of this, their longstanding goal of a government big and powerful enough to do Great Things but uncorrupted by all that dirty money is, logically and empirically, a sheer fantasy. 

2. But perhaps even more important, leaving aside all the allegations about the influence of big, bad corporations, who actually spends the most money trying to influence U.S. politicians? Take a look. And spread the word.