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"$7.66 Trillion Of Stimulus In America From 2008 To 2012, Itemized"

"Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa?"

Oh, my: vegans find out they are harming animals: poor Peruvian quinoa consumers. Link via Wally T.'s daughter, Abby.

I would say that this is yet another example of Newmark's First Law, but Wally points out that Peruvian quinoa growers are better off and some of them are poor. (And see this Slate article which hastens to reassure the guilt-stricken enviros.)

So, I'll just say that if you are a Liberal--I assume most vegans are; I apologize to any coonservative vegans out there--and your worldview deemphasizes or even ignores tradeoffs, you are going to be frequently suprised and bitterly disappointed. Your worldview deceives you.

And right on cue here's a similar problem for Liberals: "Fuel Efficiency Is Bad News For State Governments".