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January 2013

Something I didn't know about the harm of high blood pressure

The effect is, apparently, nonlinear over the 115 or 120 systolic we're supposed to aim for, with the almost all of the harm coming from a systolic above 180. See Spyros Makridakis, "High Blood Pressure and Iatrogenics". See also, "There is a non-linear relationship between mortality and blood pressure". 

Both links are via Seth Roberts who wrote this very interesting post, "Undisclosed Risks of Common Medical Treatments". 

This is what is probably coming

Call me alarmist if you like, but I think this is where the U.S. is headed.

"Germany accused of 'deporting' its elderly: Rising numbers moved to Asia and Eastern Europe because of sky-high care costs."

"Japanese Finance Minister: Government Should Let Old People 'Hurry Up And Die'."

And after we let the elderly go, we can write off the overweight and smokers