"If clowns had a cuisine, this would be it"
"The ‘Mother May I?’ State"

"Hacking the Quantum: A New Book Explains How Anyone Can Become an Amateur Quantum Physicist"

From Scientific American. Sounds cool.

For years I’ve been thinking and hoping that quantum physics would become the next hacker revolution. DIYers in their basements, garages, and hackerspaces have already pioneered radio communications, PCs, household robots, and cheap 3-D printers—why not quantum entanglement, cryptography, computers, and teleportation? In recent years, physics educators have streamlined quantum experiments to the point where advanced amateurs could do them at home. I’ve tried to encourage the trend by inviting a Sci Am article on how to make a quantum eraser with a laser pointer and, last week, blogging about aparticle detector in a plastic party tumbler.