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Two on prudent investing

"In investing, quality comes first".

The authors found that since 1965 quality U.S. stocks with low debt, high profitability and stable earnings outperformed the market by an average of 0.7 per cent a year. Low-quality stocks – high debt, low profitability and volatile earnings – underperformed by an average of 1.7 per cent a year.

"Aim for the Middle".

That’s why swinging for the fences with stocks doesn’t work.  You get too many strikeouts, and few home runs.  Personally, I try to be a singles hitter in investing.  It’s doable, both intellectually and financially. . . . 

So aim for the middle: take moderate risks, diversify, be realistic, and adjust your portfolio slowly as conditions change.  Then you can stay in the game, and compound your returns.