"(I'm a) Road Runner"
"Inside Harvard B-school's startup boot camp"

Miscellaneous good news

Matt Ridley: "17 Reasons to be Cheerful". (Link courtesy of Michael Greenspan.)

Frack, baby, frack: "This Is The Technological Breakthrough That's Making People Wildly Bullish On America".

As I'm sure all Wolfpackers do, I hope this continues: "Ex-NCSU star Washburn tries for one more rebound".

The Hanging Judge, uncharacteristically upbeat: "Slowly but surely, we’re beginning to see the light." UPDATE: link fixed now.

Ours is a very special time. People are now more aware of what is actually happening, who is to blame for it and why they are at fault, than I have ever seen before in my lifetime. That’s partly because on the Internet, competition for viewers brings more attention to detail.

All this suggests that the American people are not willing to be hustled anymore: not by the banking or housing industries, government officials or even law enforcement agencies that simply refuse to do their jobs.

When all is said and done, we are steadily pushing through, fighting bad news with a stream of optimism and indisputable facts. This is all connected, thankfully, by a sense of humanity free entirely of narcissism.