"May I Show You My Collection of p-Values?"
Josh Barro for Vice President


So you may have heard that the new HBO show, "Girls," is the new hotness, the new voice of the Zeitgeist, the new celebration of feminism, and the new profound diagnosis of the problems of 20-somethings. Etc. For example:

People can’t stop talking about “Girls.”

The HBO series about 20-somethings living in New York is an instant social-media phenomenon, says the company that tracks Internet chatter.

More than 200,000 people took to social media to talk about the show on Sunday, the day of its debut on HBO.

The first episode, if you care to watch, is available here

But I can save you a little time. 

The show is a direct descendent of the show "Sex and the City". That show, which was for a rather long time also the new hotness, the voice of the Zeitgeist, yada yada, showed good-looking people talking about and having (mostly) good sex.

"Girls" shows (mostly) unattractive people talking--endlessly and stupidly--about and having awkward, humiliating, bad sex.