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"America's Crisis of Character"

I'll help Peggy Noonan:

Now I'd go a step beyond that. I think more and more people are worried about the American character—who we are and what kind of adults we are raising.

Every story that has broken through the past few weeks has been about who we are as a people. And they are all disturbing. . . . 

Something seems to be going terribly wrong.

Maybe we have to stop and think about this.

She cites six examples. Five of the six indict not our character but our . . . government. (And the sixth is indirectly related to government failure.)

Less government will promote better character.

Some support: "Fix the Economy and Conservative Values Will Follow".

Enact the fiscally sound policies that by their nature promote accountability, personal responsibility, and self-reliance; and the country will be more open to the rest of the argument.