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Four excellent posts from econobloggers

Stephen Karlson, "I Don't Want to Play Twenty Questions". Superb. More and more retailers seem to be forgetting this basic fact: 

I'm doing your company a favor by purchasing your goods or services. 

Mike Munger, "Of Course Economists Cannot Predict. Why Would You Think They Could?" Excellent. Could have been improved only by linking to McCloskey's classic "If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?"

Phil Miller, "It's Good to be the Cupcake". There's big money in being a bad NCAA football team playing a good one. 

Likely best of all: Kevin Grier, "Unicorns & Rainbows". Devastating reply to the "We can always cut spending later" crowd.

I'll bet five figures that if the economy ever starts booming again. that crowd will be screaming about long-delayed infrastructure and education needs and compensating the lower- and middle-classes who bore the brunt of bad times and about "sharing the wealth", etc. etc. For those folks, it will never, ever be the right time to cut government. You can take that to the bank.