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February 2012

And speaking of baloney . . .

Eric Falkenstein nicely sorts out a recent pronunciamento from J. Bradford DeLong.

Many mediocre minds are impressed by famous colleagues, graduate degrees, Harvard, or equations. Those people aren't worth impressing. While such signals are correlated with good ideas, they are neither necessary nor sufficient for a good idea. When someone emphasizes these signals, however, that should lower their credibility among thoughtful people because it suggests bad faith, a preference towards pretentious irrelevancies.

Ring the bell; school is out.

"$331.76/Month 4-Bedroom Village Apartment Will Make You Cry"

Why? Read:

Did we mention the four-bedroom and open living room apartment he rents has "11-foot ceilings, exposed brick walls, piles of hardcover books, and views of chimneys and water towers," and is, the Times is not wrong here "a 1,200-square-foot monument to the Greenwich Village of our fantasies?"

When does Occupy Wall Street take on rent control? I won't hold my breath.