You can't make stuff like this up
"Now We Present The Shocking Math Trick That Can Be Used To Expose Cheaters And Frauds"

"Head Start A 50 Year Flop? Say It Ain’t So, Joe"

Walter Russell Mead "speaks truth to power":

These days, defenders of Head Start say less about what it does for kids (essentially nothing) but about the jobs it creates in poor neighborhoods.  This is blue liberal thinking at its most self-parodic: we can’t develop social programs that will accomplish something worthwhile, but we can at least use the illusion that such programs work to create jobs for people who will then vote for the politicians who give them make work jobs. . . .

It isn’t the just the Tea Party and Ayn Rand acolytes saying these things. It’s President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services. It’s Time magazine.

A paradigm is falling apart.